What’s in a name?

With a bit of a Cheshire grin, we opened our first year at I-25 & 120th avenue with the name “The Haunted House.”

You see, throughout the years, our company has built haunted houses with an incredible variety of names and themes. Just to get it out there and running, we decided that for our 2010 season, we’d just call it The Haunted House.

Now that we are moving into our second (of what could be many) year at our newest location, we are planning some really exciting additions to the haunt.

Stay tuned as we start putting things together. We hope to post some great photos and video to tease you as we work on some of the effects at our manufacturing facilities. Then sometime in late September, you’re really going to be surprised when things start to move into place at The Ramada.

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  1. Melissa diaz says:

    Its cool

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